beplay网址™ is a material of expanded thermoplastic polyurethane. The opened-cell, elastic particle foam combines the properties of TPU with the advantages of foams. The key features are:
1.     low density(110-130kg/m3 beplay网址
2.     high elasticity
3.     outstanding resilience
4.     high abrasion resistance
5.     high tensile strength
6.    good chemical resistance
7.    good long-term durability in a wide temperature range
8.     moisture conductive
beplay网址™ photo by scanning electron microscope


beplay网址™ has more options in applications than other TPU formed particles.

1.     The rate of cushion and bounce is adjustable, so that we can customize feet feeling for every customer.
2.    Able to change formed particle size for different appearance of mid-sole.
3.     Dope dying is possible.